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Enjoy the best fails of all time of the month of May in one compilaiton. Got a favorite clip? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching and as always, Salute!
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Original Links:
Fish Tries to Eat Woman's Hand
Waiter Gets Carried Away during B-Day Chant and Drops Cake
Crazy Harley mess With Epic Save // Lands On Feet Like A Ninja
Pole Vaulter Misses Jump and Hits Self in Face
Dance Student Slips off Stripper Pole
BackFlip gone wrong
Kid Trips and Faceplants during Pickup Soccer Game
Keg stand gone wrong
Hungry Baby Elephant Starts Tug of War with Tourist's Scarf
Unicyclist Falls After Balancing Attempt
Kid Slips and Hits Cameraman with Scooter
Proper lit Prat Fail (original)
Motorcycle Enduro mess
Epic bobcat go crazy
Car Crashes into Barrier on Highway
Guy Fails to Break Wine Bottle on Friend's Head
Amateur Longboarder Falls off and Rolls across Street
Terrifying Wallflip Bail
Hugo Age 2 - Monkey on the car! *ORIGINAL*
Epic winter basketball fail
Girl Slips And Breaks Through Ice While Running
Motorbike fail
13-Year-Old Girl Freaks out on Roller Coaster
Guy Crashes into Dirt Mound on ATV
Fake Shark go crazy Scares Grandma
BEST proposal ever! Mother face plants during it!
Fail during keeper combat
Kid Freaks Out and Accidentally Breaks School iPad

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