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Hanging with friends is fun, unless your friends are like Will and aim fireworks at you in your basement. Seriously, Will, chill out and enjoy then best fails of the week. Look out for a bonus fails compilation on Sunday, and let us know your thoughts down below. Salute!
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Original Links:
Powerbocker Loses Balance Before Crashing into Camera
Exercise Ball Challenge Backflip
Guy Survives Close Call on Rope Swing but Celebrates Too Soon
Guy Does Wide Grip Handstand and Falls on Face
BMX Kid Faceplants in Parking Garage
Cyclist Gets Hit by Car
Runaway Dirt Bike Continues Without Rider and Hits Tree
Bus Obstructing Railroad Crossing Gets Smashed by Train
Teacher Pranks Coworkers Throughout the Year
Masked Handstand Push Up Fail
Motorcyclist Slips and Slides on Rainy Freeway
lit Guy Tries to Bicycle Kick a Punching Machine
Dirt Biker Loses Bike at Top of Hill
BMW Crashes Head-On into Oncoming Car
Guy Falls Backwards into Bush Trying to Jump on Ledge
Brutal Sand Dune Ramp mess
Flatbed Truck Banks Corner and Overturns Cargo on Highway
lit Man Gets Dragged by His Friend
Teen Skids Out and Crashes his Quad
Group of Cyclists mess at Same Time
Kid hits mom with ball during field day!
Motorcyclist Gets Hit by BMW
Guy Crashes into Tree on Rope Swing
Guy Faceplants Between Moving Walkways
Kid Faceplants after Attempting a 180° Backflip off a Tree
Baby Bites Balloon and Pops it
Baseball Bounces Off Batter's Helmet into Camera
Guy Bombards Friend with Fireworks
Biker Crashes after Cursing Out Driver

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